Architects Westminster

Diagram can provide professional and efficient architectural services for urban, commercial, and residential projects anywhere in Westminster. Our team of architects can sketch your ideal designs for your project based on the requirements and ideas you submit to us. In addition, we maintain total transparency to ensure all our clients’ needs get met.

The main stages of our services are as follows:


The first stage is a comprehensive feasibility study of your architectural project in Westminster. Our architects will evaluate the details and requirements of your proposed project to see if your property can support it. Part of the feasibility study includes evaluating the local building codes and regulations.


No architectural project can begin without a comprehensive plan. Not only is this required by the Local Authority to approve the project, but it also allows the contractors, engineers, and architects to develop the building successfully.

Technical Design

Modern architectural designs are more complex than ever before. They require well-trained architects who are knowledgeable in engineering, architecture, and building science. That is why our architects can manage any highly technical architectural project you need to complete.


We’ll gather price quotes and communicate with all the contractors on your behalf. Once the development begins, our architects and engineers will oversee the work of the contractors to ensure they bring the concept designs to life.

Request a Free Price Quote

Call us at +44 (0) 7974 143 456 for more information on our architectural design and management services in Westminster. We’ll provide you with a free price quote after we learn more about your project details.