Architect Fulham

Diagram is one of the leading architectural firms in Fulham. We can provide you with architectural design and consultation services for your residential, commercial, or urban development project. Our architects have the experience, focus, creativity, and flexibility to plan and deliver a successful outcome.

We can break down our architectural services into four steps:


Can your property support the architectural development project you have in mind? Our architects will evaluate the feasibility of your property to see if it can support the building or structure you want to be developed there.


Architectural design planning requires a framework to be developed for the proposed structure, right down to the last detail. Our skilled architects know how to create architectural design plans to outline the entire scope of the project and win the approval of the Local Authority.

Technical Design

Our architects will create efficient technical design solutions for complex building developments. We have the tools and skills to overcome tough design challenges by utilizing the latest construction methods, materials, and technologies. That is what we’ll bring to your project.


You won’t be alone during the construction process because our architects will guide the contractors on turning the concept designs into physical structures. We’ll oversee the entire development of the worksite from start to finish.

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Diagram offers free consultations with potential clients in Fulham. Call us at +44 (0) 7974 143 456 if you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss your architectural development project with our team.