Architects Kensington

Diagram delivers creative architectural designs for our clients in Kensington. Our professional architects have many years of experience and diverse design backgrounds to manage complex projects regardless of scale and scope. We’re confident you’ll be more than pleased with the architectural design and construction management services we can deliver for your project.

Here are the four elements of our architectural services in Kensington:


Architectural feasibility is the first step of the architectural design and development process. Only professional architects like ours can carry out such a study because we have the skills and experience to evaluate the potential of worksites, buildings, and properties. We can let you know if site construction or renovation is possible based on the soil, neighbours, materials, property size, and local authority codes and regulations.


We specialise in architectural planning as part of our project management services. Our architects will create detailed sketches and drawings of the proposed design and submit them to the Local Authority for approval to allow the project development.

Technical Design

Our architects utilise the latest architectural technologies, computers, software, construction techniques, and building materials to ensure the outcome of your project satisfies your goals and requirements.


Our architectural team will consult with you and the contractors to ensure a successful outcome for the project. We’ll liaise between you and the contractors hired to develop your building or structure.

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