Architect Victoria

Do you need to hire architects who apply technical and material expertise to their projects? If so, you should consider hiring the architects of Diagram.

We serve numerous types of clients throughout the Victoria area. Our team of architects includes dedicated professionals with a keen eye for detail to ensure problems get solved and plans get executed. If you hire us to manage your architectural project in Victoria, you will get to work alongside our project consultants to ensure the outcome matches your goals and requirements.

The four main stages of our architectural services include:


Our architects examine the site or building of the project. We look at its history, condition, and other pros and cons related to it. That way, we can help our clients determine if they can meet their development objectives on the property.


If your worksite looks feasible for development, the next step is to plan your architectural project. Our architects will create detailed planning documents with sketched concept designs of the proposed structure. The designs will conform to the local building codes and regulations in order to get the project approved.

Technical Design

Our architects are knowledgeable in architectural technology, which combines architecture, engineering, and building science. As a result, we can utilise more sophisticated construction methods and overcome architectural design challenges.


Our architects will oversee the construction of your architectural development by collaborating with the contractors on site.

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