Regardless of size, the Management of a construction project can be very often a daunting task. To alleviate this pressure, Diagram Architects provides Project Management and Contract Administration services.


Having previously managed projects ranging in value from 25k  to 5M pounds, we understand the dynamics of the Design and Construction stages and can advise accordingly  our clients.


Either as Project Manager or Contract Administrator, we can, therefore, act as the required interface between Client, Consultants and Contractors.

Once all approvals have been granted, we can coordinate the tender process and assisting you with contractor selection and scheduling the construction process to ensure your initial vision is seen through a successful practical completion.


Once building works are underway, we keep Clients abreast of potential difficulties and cost increases, by providing Intermediate Inspections and Certifications, before any payment request is honoured.

Should you have a Design Consultants team already in place, we can comfortably work in conjunction with such team to deliver outstanding results.