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Diagram on January 31, 2023

Diagram is an architectural design and management firm serving clients in the South East. We take a unique approach to our architectural services because we combine our technical expertise with high-quality materials to provide the perfect outcome for each client’s project. 

Our architects pay close attention to every detail of an architectural project from beginning to end. We remain flexible and dedicated when managing complex architectural projects by effectively communicating and solving problems at every stage. You can expect 100% transparency throughout the project so that you always know our progress. 

Our project consultants always work with clients to better understand their project requirements and then take the appropriate steps to see them through. For this reason, we have an extensive track record of managing successful architectural projects that perfectly accommodate our clients’ preferences and requirements. 

Would you like to learn more about the four stages of our architectural design and management process? Here they are below: 

Comprehensive Feasibility Review 

We begin helping our clients by conducting a comprehensive feasibility review of the project requirements. This process allows our architects to evaluate the details of your proposed project to determine if your property is suitable for it. 

Local building codes exist in various counties and cities throughout the United Kingdom. Therefore, we must ensure your proposed building structure won’t violate your local building codes and laws during or after the development. 

In addition, our architects will evaluate the soil in the ground to ensure it can support your proposed structure. Then you don’t have to worry about potential issues with its stability in the future. 

Design Planning 

Our job is to create a design concept for your proposed building structure. We have a highly skilled team of architects and engineers capable of creating a professional design concept based on your proposed building requirements. 

The local planning and building authority will want to see planning documents and sketches before approving your project. Our team will prepare all the necessary planning documents, drawings, illustrations, and 3D sketches and submit them to the Local Authority on your behalf. 

Technical Design Setup 

We’ll begin the technical design stage if the Local Authority approves your proposed project. This stage is where we set up all the necessary computer software, architectural technologies, and building materials to begin the technical design aspect of your project. 

Our architects are more skilled than your average architects because we have advanced architecture, building science, and engineering knowledge. As a result, we use our advanced skills and knowledge to manage the most complicated and technical architectural design projects. 

Scouting for Contractors 

Choosing the best contractors to construct your proposed structure is imperative for your project’s success. That is why our team will use our industry connections to find the best contractors with the necessary skills and reputation to complete your project flawlessly. 

We’ll communicate with and collect estimated price quotes from potential contractors. Then, based on our conversations with them, we’ll recommend the best contractors to you for your approval. 

Hire an Architectural Design Firm You Can Trust 

Please schedule a free consultation regarding our professional architectural design and management services today. Call us at +44 (0) 7974 143 456 or email us at info@diagramarchitects.co.uk to set up a consultation and learn why Diagram is the best architectural firm to manage your project in the United Kingdom. 

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